“Uche and Rochelle are both grounded and well studied in the Scriptures. They took a group of ‘hungry for meat’ individuals deep into the inspired Word of God to be trained on how to study the Bible, Adventist history, how to facilitate a Bible study as well as the Health Advocacy Training. The impact this power couple has had on my walk with God has been and continues to be tremendously providential as my quest for salvation and victory over sin grows more urgent. I am most grateful for the opportunity to study under and with this gifted couple because the experience is always a wonderful lesson of learning and sharing. I am proud and honored to have them as friends and family in Christ.Truly, they are increasing the kingdom of God without apology!” ~ Barbara Calhoun

I would just like to take a moment and express my thanks to the Lord for brother Uche and sister Rochelle and their ministry, I have praised God often for using them at the Community of Hope SDA Church. Their commitment to the Lord and their deep love for bible study has been a total blessing to the congregation of Community of Hope and myself personally. Their understanding of the scriptures along with the Spirit of Prophecy/Health Message has actually caused me to dig deeper into the word of God and Spirit of Prophecy. I truly look forward to their next visit as they are so refreshing in their presentations of Gods word. Praise God for His faithful servants.” ~ David Sanderson, Head Elder, Community of Hope SDA Church